Baskin Robbins – The Journey

Ice Cream is always a perfect treat, whether it’s summer or winter, young or old everyone loves a good scoop of their favourite flavours. Baskin Robbins’ wide range menu fits every occasion.

Brand Origin:

In 1945, Jewish brothers-in-law Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins merged their respective ice cream parlours, in Glendale, California to form Baskin Robbins’. The separate ventures of Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, who owned Burton’s Ice Cream Shop (opened in 1946) and Snowbird Ice Cream (opened in 1945), respectively were joined together. Snowbird Ice Cream offered 21 flavours. When the separate companies merged in 1948, the number of flavours was expanded to 31 flavours.

Brand Logo:

Baskin-Robbins cleverly incorporates the numbers ‘3’ and ‘1’ in the letters ‘B’ and ‘R’ respectively (in the brand’s logo) to spread the brand’s message “31 Flavours”, which is also used in their slogan “ 31 Flavours one for each day of the month”.

According to Carol Austin, VP of marketing of Baskin-Robbins, the logo is designed in such a manner that it emanates the crowd-friendly and energetic environment of the brand. The use of colours‘ PINK’ and ‘BLUE’ in the brand logo indicate the pink spoon provided by the brand for tasting different flavours of peak excellence and purity.

Baskin Robbins has been a pioneer in introducing India to fresh flavours like Blueberry cheesecake and caramel chocolate cheesecake. Being a premium ice cream brand for 74 years, Baskin Robbins is recognized globally for its rich, creamy, and innovative range of flavours made from high-quality ingredients that promise a taste to savour.