Domino’s – The Sucess Story

Pizza may have originated from Italy, but is now the most consumed and loved by people all over the world. Domino’s is currently one of the world’s biggest franchises that have been delivering pizzas with a promise and smile.
Domino’s pizza is branded as “Domino’s” which is a pizza restaurant chain founded in 1961. They opened their first outlet in 1961.

1960: Tom Monaghan came back to his hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan with his brother James. At that time a restaurant named “DomiNick’s” was up for sale. Tom bought the shop for $900 by taking a loan from the post office credit union. They wanted to split work hours evenly but James decided to trade his half to Tom, leaving him the only owner.

By 1965, Tom Monaghan had purchased two more pizzerias; he now had a total of three outlets in the same county. As Tom Monaghan’s pizza business was being operated under the name of “DomiNick’s” for several years, he wanted to share the same brand name but the original owner of DomiNick’s forbade him from using the name. One day the Employee, “Jim Kennedy” suggested the name “Domino’s”. Tom liked the name and hence officially renamed the business Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in 1965.
The company logo had three dots which represented the three stores owned by Tom Monaghan. The whole plan behind the dots was to add new dots every time they open a new store. This idea quickly faded because of Domino’s experienced rapid growth. Domino’s first franchise location was opened in 1967 and by 1978 the company expanded to 200 stores.

Domino’s Logo

Domino’s first logo was designed in the year 1965. Two Square on the logo features two Domino’s pizza pieces, the red one with two dots and the other one with one dot and the blue one with the company’s name on it. Rounded corners around added an extra feel to the logo.
In 1977, they revamped the design by giving it sharper corners. Also, the design was rotated.
Later on, they removed “Pizza” from the logo as the company expanded its menu beyond pizza. The design now features the word “Domino’s” in a big font and two red and blue squares with dots in them.
The logo colours red, blue, and blue is a great option for a business that is especially into the food industry. Red stands for love and energy while blue stands for strength and reliability.

Domino’s slogan “You got 30 Minutes”

In the year 1979, Domino’s began with “30 minutes or it’s free” delivery guarantee. This was a huge move to get into a competitive pizza market and win customers’ hearts by fast delivery. The marketing strategy was effective because the guarantee of speedy delivery or free pizza was a win-win for both company and customers. On the other hand as exciting as this sounds it didn’t have a positive effect on the brand. Though customers were happy with domino’s fastest delivery, they also gained the reputation of recklessness for public safety because of the speed delivery of drivers policy. Later in 1993 because of few human loss, they ended their “30 minutes or free” delivery guarantee.
The first outlet of Domino’s Pizza in India was opened in New Delhi in 1996. Domino’s Pizza operates approx 1,325 stores in 282 Indian cities as on 31 December 2019. Domino’s entered the market with one product “Pizza” and began to expand by adding new products like Cheesy bread and cinna stix. In 2019, India became Domino’s 2nd largest market and is unstoppable till date.